Brave Payments not working for me


Hello Brave Team
Hope you guys are having a great day!!
So I did a silly move

After reading about you guys and what you are trying to do with the BAT token, I decided to download and install Brave browser on my Windows 7 ultimate edition OS and give it a spin.
The browser works great!
Went into the Payments Preferences and I turned on the Brave payments. I created a wallet and all was swell. I could see the prompt to buy Brave Tokens with other crypto. I was excited. But then, just cause I enjoy fooling around with buttons, I turned the system OFF.

That is when the problem began. I immediately turned it back on, but was now not seeing the “buy coins” tab and my advanced settings button stopped working.
All I see now are the following: Monthly Budget, Account Balance (grayed out so i cant click on it) and Create Account (also grayed out)

I have already tried uninstalling, removing everything from my computer (including the installer program) restarting my computer and re installing it from scratch, but it seems to recognize me right away (even has all my old tabs left open as I launch it for the first time) and the issue is still there.

I would like to completely reset everything and start from scratch if possible.

Thank you for your time and patience with a noob like me.



Hi @Shirag

If you’re interested in really resetting everything (browsing history, tabs, etc, all will be cleared) then these are the steps you want: How to solve *almost* every problem after install

If you only mean resetting payment information, then you can try this:

  1. Close all instances of Brave.
  2. Navigate to %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming
  3. Make a copy of your brave folder (you can call it whatever you want - I like brave-backup, this is just a precaution)
  4. Create a folder on your desktop, label it brave-ledger-backup
  5. Move all files AND folders that start with “ledger” from your ‘brave’ folder to ‘brave-ledger-backup’
  6. Relaunch Brave.
  7. I’d say let Brave sit for 5-10 minutes (this is when your BAT wallet is being created)
  8. Close/Reopen Brave
  9. You should be able to go to about:preferences#payments and open ‘Add Funds’ and see an address/QR code for each currency.
  10. Lastly, go to the gear icon to open Advanced Settings and back up your wallet. Keep these words somewhere safe in case your computer is lost, damaged, etc.

Either way, let me know if you have questions! :slight_smile:



Got it to work.
Thank you very much for the speedy reply.
Really appreciate it



Thanks for reporting back! Glad you were successful. Going to close this thread, please don’t hesitate to reach out with issues/questions.

Also, once you create your wallet, please be sure you click on the gear icon (to display Advanced Settings) and backup your wallet. Keep these words safe so if you have to reinstall again, get a new computer, etc you can keep your same wallet. We cannot get these words for you if something happens.


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