Brave Payments Last Deposit amount doesn't reconcile to Uphold

Hello. I notice in my Brave Payments Dashboard a Last Deposit Date (Sept 7) and a Last Deposit Amount (1175.68 BAT):
When i view the corresponding transactions in Uphold, the amounts do not reconcile by quite a significant margin (113 BAT):
My assumption is that the Last Deposit amount listed in Brave Payments should be reflected in the Uphold transaction list. The dates match but the deposit amount doesn’t. I’m hoping you can help me understand the disparity. Thank you.

Hi @cat5,

Thanks for reaching out. :grin:
First, I think there’s a bug with the Last Deposit amount that shown on dashboard. You can check the correct total via your statement.

cc @Asad for confirmation.


@eljuno is right as usual! Check your statement for more up-to-date information. Let me know (send an email to if you need help.

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OK, thank you for your prompt responses and assistance.

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