Brave Payments Enhancement-- I'm trying to pay you!


Hi everyone!

Love the idea of promoting the Brave Payments system-- would love to start training vendors that users will pay for content in lieu of bloated ads.

You know what’s not so great? Trying to pay with cryptocurrency. In fact-- it’s horrible. I’m not a Luddite, I get how it all works-- I’m actively trying not to use it much. Reason? I find it seriously funny that people are putting personal bank, name, SSN, IDs, and photos with these skeezy coin sites, just to be private in browser payment systems. THAT’S SILLY! Guess who also gets hacked?

Yeah, I know PayPal, lame… but they have an established system, easy to use, and fess are the same as these coin sites. Brave already has to convert revenue into BAT anyway… so… Can we please just have an option for those who are ok with using paypal to pay?

Something tells me you’ll get higher sign-up with Brave payments…





We’re looking at implementing the ability to add funds with a Credit Card, would that solve what you’re looking for?



Sure, that would! Thanks!

Given you’re ‘looking at it’ I assume no specific timeline is
road-mapped… Let me know if I’m wrong and it’s just around the corner and
I’ll stop with trying to get signed up with an exchange.


Hi @kprawel

We are actively working towards it, but I do not have a timeframe or anticipated release at the moment. So, once we have a provider, an issue will be logged so progress can be tracked. Once we get to that point I can post the issue here for reference.

Update 01/18/18: This is the tracking issue for credit cards:


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