Brave Payments doesn't let me pay


I have been supporting websites in Brave Payments for a few months, but my card has expired and I am given no choice or option to update it. The payment system acts as though the payment was successful, but the transaction never goes through, and I am never given an option to update my payment method.

Yikes! Please fix this!


cc: @mrose for comment.


hi. first, thanks for your patience. i can appreciate that this is frustrating.

this appears to be an issue with the coinbase buy widget. the fastest way to resolve this is to contact their support people and just say “coinbase buy widget, credit card expired, no option to update it”.

i believe that the fast way is to go to (though i haven’t used this myself).


ps: we are in the process of upgrading the entire flow to make it much easier, but the work is still in late-stage development. not ETA yet, but “soon”

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