Brave payments are not showing correct time

Description of the issue: Brave payments
Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!): Added payments are showing 10 mins
Expected result: working payments as should
Reproduces how often: always
Brave Version(about:brave): 0.25.2
Reproducible on current live release (yes/no): yes
Additional Information: payments were working, then just disappeared, if i try to add them again they are showing 10 minutes used, some new sites which were included show correct time

Please assist the user
cc: @LaurenWags @nejczdovc

Hi @vuya24

Could you provide additional information such as steps to reproduce? I’m having some trouble following what the issue is :frowning_face:

Additionally, you may want to try downloading our newest chromium based version of Brave - you can read about it here: New Brave Browser Release Available for General Download on | Brave Browser

This new version has Brave Rewards which replaces Brave Payments. Brave Rewards is completely redesigned - so you may not encounter this same issue. You can download this new version here: Download Browser with Adblocker for Mobile & Desktop | Brave Browser Note - this will not replace your current Brave (0.25.2) but will run along side it, so you can give it a try without having to move over fully yet.


Hi @LaurenWags ,

it seems like when you add new website by yourself under Time spent shows 10 minutes, then after more than 10 minutes spent on website, time is showing properly.

I asked this because i was using Brave(updated automatically) payments for 2 or 3 months and one day websites that i included disappeared.

If there is feature inside Brave to remove website after inactivity that could be reason that they disappeared.

Thank you for helping, i will download new Brave. Didn’t even know that there is different version beside this because i was getting updates. Great browser, using it on phone also.

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