Brave Payment Stats and Questions


Hi guys,

Curious if there are any stats on how much has been transacted through Brave Payments so far.

Would those numbers be more transparent once things are moved to the Basic Attention Token?

Also is anything done to make Brave Payments more visible/required by users? If users already don’t see ads what is incentivizing them to set a monthly budget to pay publishers?

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Payments and wallet suggestions

I’d be curious if ERC20 compatible BAT wallets would be created for each Brave Browser user/publisher and become trackable:

Looks like Brave will be using Stripe to process the fiat side (instead of Coinbase) so it’ll be interesting to see how the token wallet/conversion side is handled.

Look forward to the developments!


CC @mrose for the plan if any


Hi how do i enable ads on brave android to receive payment by brave browser?