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I’ve been using Brave for a little over a month and got some free BAT as part of that new user promotion earlier this year. I set it up to be divided among verified publishers I’ve visited and I see the list of publishers and the amounts of BAT they should be receiving.

The date for my first contribution came and went. I got a notification saying the payments should be made within 24-hours or something like that but nothing ever happened. It has been over a week now and it still says I have never made a contribution. It also lists my next contribution as “Overdue”.

Is their anyway to force the payment to go through? Am I doing something wrong? This should be an automatic process right?



Hi @IntelligentBasket

Do you recall what the date your contribution was supposed to go out was?

Also, I added your +1 to this issue: - please let me know if by the time you get this your contribution has gone through. Thanks!



Same thing happening to me. Had this issue before and it’s happening again. Can’t remember the exact date the payment was supposed to go out but it was in the last days of Feb. It’s been saying overdue for a while now. I’ve been updating the browser to the latest versions but nothing changes.


Hi @jonathanrico

To confirm, you are seeing ‘overdue’ now, correct?



Correct, and it’s still like this. It’s been overdue for about a month…

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