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How do I view the Brave Payment in the new updated browser? Before it was simple. You would just click the clock icon and you could see the payments sent out. However now I don’t see that option. Where is it?


Brave Payments from our previous browser release (Muon) is now what we call Brave Rewards. Taken from our Help Center:

Brave Rewards (Beta)

Brave Rewards replaces Brave Payments with improved usability, more visibility, and new features. With this change, any sites pinned in your Brave Payments Auto-Contribute table will automatically be converted into “Recurring Tips” in Brave rewards once your wallet information has been imported.
Note: In order to fully migrate Brave Payments information into the new Brave Rewards system, you must have Brave Payments enabled in the Muon build before you begin the upgrade process. Read the FAQ at the bottom of this articles for commonly asked questions surrounding the switch from Brave Payments (Muon) to Brave Rewards (Core).

Also see this article for converting Payments data into the Rewards system:


@AnimaterCreator, in addition, Brave not yet implement wallet activity for contribution history. Logged here


So in short there isn’t one anymore (yet).

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