Brave pages display wrong

Brave browser display a lot of pages wrong (see image) since my last update of it.

This affects the mayority of pages I usually visit. I have to inspect the page and add manually to the body ‘width: auto;’ for the page to display correctly. This does not happen to me in other browsers.

I have no idea how to recreate the problem.

OS: Windows 11 pro 22H2
Brave Version: 1.51.118 Chromium: 113.0.5672.126

Thanks in advance!

@ColoChampre could you try disabling extensions or perhaps test in a Private Window? I had someone else who had shared a similar problem with pages going to the left. For them, they found that:

oh sir . thankyou so much , it kept happening because of an extention called volume boosted i kept installing . THankyou so much

You can see this topic at where you’ll see it looks very much like you’re showing is happening on yours, where everything is pushed to the left.

It was indeed the volume booster extension particularly. I already disabled it and without even restarted the browser it started working normally again.

Thank you!!

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