Brave OTW (S)-(C)-(4)-(M)

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Hi, you can’t just call Brave scam. Is known that BATS have some problems. There are people who enjoy Bats and others who don’t, but the staff always tries to help. I find it disrespectful to come here to incriminate them

Good day, sir


with 4 month no payment
? yeah sure

some people just not get paid FEB
some of them JAN and FEB

are we use different Brave ???


That sound more just like “Random PICK” A to pay B… B to pay C… C to pay D :slight_smile:

I made it clear in my previous message. It is known that Bats have several problems and in my opinion they need more development, does that make Brave a scam? No, why? because there are still millions of people who use them and have no problems or at least, they do not make them known

The people that didnt get paid, came here and made a topic about it. Guess what, Brave staff probably provided a solution.

If Brave doesn’t seem fair to you, you are welcome to change your browser. But I repeat the above, it is not a scam because it simply has not worked for you and other people while millions of people continue to use it daily.

Brave devs pay attention, vaild Id has some break threw code here ^ fingers crossed

Men you need to chill down, you are spamming and you seem very desesparate. More than getting positive attention to resolve the problem you are getting others to avoid helping you, that way you are not getting anything better.