Brave or Microsoft Edge with Adblock?

I have been using brave for the past 6 months, and I have no issues with the same. So there is no reason to switch to any other browser.
But now I am planning to buy a new laptop which has 8gb ram and an 11th gen Intel Core i3 processor and I also like the user interface of edge than brave, so I feel like switching. I would like switching right away but I cannot forget the speed and Adblocking that Brave provides.
So to conclude, will Microsoft edge with AdBlock work better in speed and ad-blocking than Brave in that new system .
Please leave a suggestion

as far as i have tested i can tell brave and edge is almost equal in performance basis.Edge has a feature called startup boost which opens edge very fast.but brave has favourite sites(like speed dials in opera)…rest is your choice.Experiment with both and see what is better suited to you.I personally used opera for years and years in the past but i switched to brave in mobile due to background play of youtube videos…now i had to switch to brave pc because i need to sync my passwords and bookmarks. See, this suits me…find yours…everybody’s has different requirements. Once in a while i download different browsers to see what’s going on with them and test new features.Hope you like this opinion.:slightly_smiling_face:

I heard about the brave scandal few days ago, and thought of not using it
Thanks by the way

can you please elaborte? which scandal ? I want to know… :face_with_monocle:

What scandal? Can you type in here, a referal link?

You can go through this -

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It was a year ago, about binance link refs. Do you still care? No data leaks, no other real danger to privacy what it’s offers.

It depends on you. How about trying Edge with adblock, and then come back here and tell us what is better and why. Will you do this? :slight_smile:


they have fixed it long ago…they are transparent about everything, which is a good thing.

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I have tried every browser edge too…the design doesnt look good to me specially on non HD display…chrome opera and brave design looks good on any monitor.

@Josh25 if you want a simple classification of browsers consider this…

chrome- mainstream, no tension of compatibility,Smooth, great with adguard ad block, good and clean design…(dont overthink privacy,think …but dont overthink.)

edge- for research purposes(collections feature),nice pdf editor,inbuilt decent tracker blocking,startup boost(matters in slow computers)

firefox- never used that much soooo cant say anything

brave- overall good,lacks some features and slow development but privacy respecting.

Opera- fully loaded , clean, tons of useful inbuilt features,100% chinese stakes but company is in Norway…your decision…I have a history with opera thats why i use it here and there but Brave is my main browser for now

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Brave will be better than edge with adblock if your PC is a slow one but if your PC is quite fast then both are the same

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Thanks Anuj for the comparative study
The problem is that if brave has already been involved in a scandal, then they are prone to do more such scandals like this one
No offence but can’t say

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Many companies are going to have at least one scandal in their lifetime (if they haven’t already). If the existence of a scandal is going to make you stop dealing with companies, then you’ve set a level of perfection that’s unobtainable by most, and after a while, you’ll have no one you could deal with because of such standards.

I better standard is to see how a company handles a scandal when it occurs and grade them on that. In the case of Brave, it’s been pointed out how no one was harmed, everything was fixed, and all was done in complete transparency. I’d say that is all worthy of consideration.

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thanks for the positive comment @josh25 …In future if brave will be involved in any major scandal then I will leave brave too but scandals happens and brave scandal was just a glitch level scandal…so nothing special…all ok for now.I think they need to focus on fast development…as their development is very slow in feature releases and they need to focus more on browser usability than the crypto thing and video calling…

@Top_Hat absolutely true…

To be honest…I use brave because they have background video playback feature in android which i use to play youtube.I dont use youtube app on mobile. But overall I love to use opera because it feels so polished and finished.Brave feels incomplete right now.

Seems to me it was a bug, all software has bugs, and as @mikdb pointed out I don’t even think it was that big a deal.

If you are looking for an app without any bugs which are way more serious than this one you may be looking for a long time.

As @anujkmr953 pointed out, your software selection should suit you based on what you are looking for. If you want an OSS browser that has very serious privacy features built in, and will continue to do so, you’re in the right place.

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@Josh25 Edge has good built-in tracking protection, a favorites icon (flyout) for bookmarks (a long-time feature request in Brave), Smartscreen web protection (vs.Google Safe Browsing) and is highly configurable.

I’ve used Brave and Edge since they switched to Chromium code base and right now I prefer Edge. My suggestion is to use Edge with µBlock Origin and compare its usability with Brave. They’re both fast and secure.

As much as I like Brave, I’m still waiting for UI changes to increase usability - changes which never seem to come.

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@Josh25 If I had to choose, Id choose Edge with AdBlock. Why? Simply because Edge has L&F of more “finished” ( polished ) product, while Brave looks as if it was still in Beta stage…

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Yes agreed, the AdBlock extension does not slow the page too!

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completely agree…Brave doesn’t focus on adding features and polishing the browser