Brave opening with an unallocated page instead

When Brave is opened, whether it saves the current sites or not, will open up another unallocated web site. The website isn’t an ad site. The site isn’t in bookmarks. The site was visited previously. The site is safe. The site isn’t detected by anti virus or malware software.

Steps: A) 5 tabs open, close brave, open brave 6 sites opened with the unallocated site.
B) Close all tabs. Close browser. Open browser, unallocated site opens.
C) Make sure that the open New Tab is checked in settings, and not Open where I left off, or specific page. There isn’t any pages marked in specific page section. Close all tabs, close Browser. Open Browser, and unallocated website opens. Still the same website.

if it is the same website.

pls check your shortcut settings, from where yiu are launching brave. check the text boxes namely target and likewise. there may be an extra entry for that particular website to launch, when brave opens.
remove that entry. restart beave and check.

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That’s exactly what it was.

Glad, it worked for you.

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