Brave on windows 7 issue

I have a problem with Brave Browser on Windows 7. Whenever I open a new tab and type in an url, the page starts to load but real slow, but if I jump back to previous page and then back to the new tab, it loads faster. But sometimes the url doesn’t load at all and all I’m left with is an empty tab (the url that I typed in gets deleted). Why is this happening, is there an older verison of Brave that works better with Win7? This only started happening after I formatted my PC, and installed Brave anew.

With only the few details you provide, I suggest what you’re experiencing might (strongly emphasizing ‘might’) be related to extensions. With the almost-latest Brave version installed (v1.36.116) Brave works fine for me, but that doesn’t help you.

Suggestion: brave://extensions/ allows you to selectively suspend the operation of individual extensions without uninstalling them. If your problems with Brave persist (sometimes, stuff like this is resolved when you next re-boot your computer), try suspending the operation of individual extensions to test whether they might be the villain.

Thx. I tried that but it didn’t work. It’s strange because all the other browsers work just fine. I tried using Firefox and Chrome and I have 0 issues with them. Some webpages don’t work at all either with Brave after my formatting. I tried the certificate-fix where you copy it from Firefox. But that didn’t work either. I’m not sure if those to issues are related.

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