Brave on the most consuming apps in battery settings?


I don’t know why, but under battery consumption settings, in my phone’s settings, brave appears to be in the list with the apps with the most consumption, second to Facebook’s Messenger… My phone is Sony xperia X F5121 with android Oreo 8.0.0
Brave version 1.0.42
Here’s an image (I would put more, on how to go to this setting, but i can’t because I’m a new user)

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? No one? I was sent here from a reply on my playstore rating to get some answers… I am willing to help but if no one answers me then why bother reply on playstore?


Hi @theodoreippon

My apologies for the delay. I’d like to loop in @Serg to see if he has any ideas.



Hi @LaurenWags - @BOB-vagene also reported on the same issue two week ago with a bit more technical analysis - Battery Drain After Last Update On Android

If you don’t mind could you possibly for their sake issue it in or upvote it a couple of times cc-ing Serg in this issue because it seems related but still not investigated.



@RonandJoe in your original topic Energy Consumption you indicated a consumption of 40 mAh, which was quite high. Do you still get those figures and are you experiencing a greater drain since the last update?

@Giridhar this topic closed Higher battery consumption and you suggested that you’re going to post a comparison table. Any update?


Thanks for your reply!!!
I’m waiting for answers… I have also read all the comments and I wanted to say just for clarification that i think those settings (built in Android 8.0 for my phone) are not referring to how much you use the browser (or any app) a single time but an overall consumption (background etc.) Because for example i rarely open messnger app and instead I only reply through the chatheads of this app (which appears first on the list)

I don’t know if it is relevant but I also have Twitter and Instagram on the home screen as mini/light apps (they are created if you try to make a shortcut on that websites through brave) and have notifications from those web pages… I’m just reporting it in case it has something to do with background checking those sites for notifications…
Anyway I hope that i didn’t cause any trouble with this post or this isn’t a big issue…
Overall I don’t see a big problem in battery drain with brave but I was just curious why Android settings is mentioning this in the first place…
Keep up the good work guys and sorry for my English (it’s not my native language)!

Also @Numpty thanks for the answers and all the help my friend!!!
Brave is a great browser and i hope that we’ll make it even better!!!


?So any update on this issue??? Is it fixed or looked after?

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