Brave on my Laptop is painfully slow


I am a keen stakeholder having switched to brave on my android phone and my ipad (both brilliant btw), as well as recently purchased some BAT tokens :slight_smile:

However I am having difficulties with the version on my laptop. It is not the fastest laptop in the world but should be ok. I might test on my gaming rig to see how it is on there but because I do not browse on there it is of little practical use to me and I would like brave on the laptop.

Anyway, the browser is painfully sluggish when opening/closing tabs and scrolling pages etc. Sometimes getting the ‘page is loading slow’ notice at the top. On a couple of occasions I have had black screen flash around the edges of the browser and once on the whole window for about 20 seconds???

Here is some info:

Brave 0.19.139
Windows 10 home (version 1607)
OS Architecturex64
AMD A8 6410 2.0 ghz
8gb RAM

I always keep windows updated.

Task manager shows no unusually high CPU or memory usage and I have not loaded up on bookmarks. I have not imported any.

Any thoughts? Thanks

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