Brave on Mint 20.2 install problem

New to linux. Trying to install brave using copy/paste commands from brave.
1st 2 lines seem ok but then terminal stalls with, system-product-name: -s
New mint 20.2 install

You are using these instructions?

Mind doing a copy/paste of all the output, including the earlier commands? Or a screenshot would work also. Thanks.

I am also new to Linux and started with mint few weeks back.

Copy one command at a time, paste it and click enter.
Or copy all commands at once, paste all of them, and keep clicking on enter for every prompt.
Make sure your update manager itself is updated.

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Thx for reply. I first c/p to .txt (maybe missed something), then kept c/p directly from brave page a few attempts and install finally took.
My confusion was/is the terminal command line was unexpected.

Is the Linux terminal default command line prompt?,
username@username-System-Product-Name: -$

(Generic uname above) it’s what I get now each time I launch terminal.

Thx for reply. After a few more attemps, got it.


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