Brave on M1 showing as iOS App

Any idea why the M1 dmg (Brave-Browser-arm64.dmg) shows in the system report as an iOS app?

Brave Browser:

Obtained from: Identified Developer
Last Modified: 8/30/21, 10:00 PM
Kind: iOS
Signed by: Developer ID Application: Brave Software, Inc. (KL8N8XSYF4), Developer ID Certification Authority, Apple Root CA
Location: /Applications/Brave
Get Info String: Brave Browser, Copyright © 2021 The Brave Authors. All rights reserved.

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Bundle Identifier thing - maybe. But some digital certificate issue, may also be the problem.

May help Brave Support (see if Mattches might respond), to know your Apple device.


This issue apparently remains both open and unattended.

@Mattches @steeven