Brave on Linux / Ubuntu



is Brave working on Ubuntu?


I’ve been able to get it to work in Ubuntu MATE and Xubuntu, and in Linux Mint, but it’s runs slower on my system. I keep checking it out though, since I like how simple it is, but I use Firefox as my main browser at the moment.


Hi @G1K777

Yes, we released a new version yesterday V0.22.727 for laptop has been released! which should be available. However, if you update via snap I’m not 100% sure if that’s ready yet.



I was wondering about that. I updated on Windows, but there wasn’t one as of last night, available through Snaps. Good to know it’s coming though!


Yup, @LaurenWags is correct! The snaps haven’t yet been updated but should be pushed sometime this week.


typing from brave on lubuntu 18.04.


On Ubuntu it works fine, but i have no idea how to install brave on Linux Mint.
The bit annoying thing is that Brave is for normal people right? Same as Linux Mint, so why is the description how to install Brave on Linux Mint more for advanced people.
I just started using Linux and yeah… I’m installing snapd and then i’m typing snap install brave and can’t find Brave.


Did you install snapd on Mint first? Once I installed that, I had no problems installing Brave (though I think I remembering having to either restart or open the program more than once to get it running).


cc @Jacalz also have they updated the repositories yet because I’m sure I’m not mistaken when I say snap still contains older versions


Regarding if they have updated the snap repository, I really don’t know. I don’t use snap for Brave since Brave now is in the stable Solus repository and it works better then the snap version on Solus.

As for installing on Linux Mint it should be possible to follow the steps in the Linux install instructions: