Brave On iWatch series 7 (watchos 8) or Higher version of

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Porting Brave to the iWatch:
I am planning to start an experiment where I give up my smart phone completely. I will transition to an iWatch series 7(with calls and text), and an iPad with cell data. I do not currently have an iWatch but will buy one in the next week or two as I start this experiment (planning to document it on twitter…) For 8+ hours per day I will only have access to my iWatch and if need internet/browsing I will leverage safari (until we solve the brave missing issue)

  • This can be a very minimal brave browser But crypto wallet might be important?
  • It needs to be able to be set as default on the watch some how.
  • must be able to run off both wifi and cell
  • expect similar privacy protections
  • use case is: standard internet work/browsing but in a far more focused way don’t expect to use this for casual browsing.
  • NEED my Brave Links from my phone ported to this device.

I am not an IOS Developer, and I don’t understand a lot about how to go about this, but I will be very happy to PM the project if a good team of people are interested. we can start small. I am a 100% mac person and am willing to buy a Mac developer license to test or what ever else is needed. I would most importantly want to just explore the scope of this effort before people shoot it down, if we could at least put a 10000ft project assessment together I would be happy.