Brave on different Android versions has different download sizes

Description of the issue:
I have Brave installed on 2 phones: 1 is Sailfish X (Sony Xperia X with SailfishOS and Android Support, compatibility layer Android 4.4), and 1 runs LineageOS 16.
Both phones without Google Services/Apps, so downloaded from Yalp store. Now, on the Sailfish X, Yalp store downloads an APK file that is 53MB in size, while on LineageOS, it downloads an APK file that is 153MB in size. How come the difference?
Also, is there a way to download the APK direktly from Brave, so I don’t have to access Play store thorugh Yalp?

The .apk has different sizes for different architectures, as seen here. I don’t know much of the technical resons behind that though (yet).
.apk files could be found here, but for some reason the most recent release (1.1.0) is not listed there (except of a release candidate). Maybe that site is not intended to download .apk files from.

I see, so the 100MB in difference is because of the 32/64 bit difference. Still, what do “modern” and “mono” mean in those file names? (the rest is clear to me)
Also, I find the method of installing Brave besides the Play Store (or other apps that access it) rather inconvenient. Is there any hope of Brave ending up in the F-Droid app store? Because, since it’s Open Source Software, that’s actually where it should be available.

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