Brave on boot not working

Upon booting up, Brave takes an extended period to load and remains stuck in a loading loop, failing to open the specified pages. Even after reopening the application, the problem persists, and it remains unresponsive until eventually unfreezing after some time. Meanwhile, Safari functions properly without any such issues.
The browser is set to open directly at the login

  1. Turn on Mac Mini
  2. Add Brave to execute themself at the login

Expected result: Ready to use browser, as it’s happening on Safari
Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.64.113

Do you have the browser launching with open tabs or is it launching without anything open? Wondering if one of the open tabs might be causing the crash.

Sometime the tab are the ones remained open from the last sessions, before the shutdown. For example, the last boot I had opened.

Does the browser launch without issue after your machine is fully booted?

Yes, but it takes more than 2-3 mins. The computer is booted after some seconds usually. Previous version of Brave, like other browsers, starts alongside the system without problems.

Can you please try downloading Brave Beta and test to see if it also behaves the same way (on startup or on boot)? Note that the Beta will not overwrite any of your current Brave installations data (it will install as a separate browser).

Hi, with the Beta I had no problems, it seems this is related to the last update!

Can you please try creating a new browser profile in your Brave installation (not Beta). Make sure that the newly created profile was the last one that was opened with no other profile windows open.

Now try rebooting your machine and see if Brave launches (it should launch with the last used profile, which would have been the new one you created) without crashing.

It seems that the problem appears when the browser closes in a wrong way. I think that when I close the pc with a window of Brave open, when I turn on the Mac Mini, Brave remembers it had been closed badly.