Brave on Android won't pass panopticlick 3.0


So I am new to brave and have been loving every way. But I can’t seem to get the Android app to pass panopticlick. I have tried on brave on the desktop and it passes fine. I have also tried on duckduckgo privacy browser and Samsung internet with adblock plus and disconnect. All of them pass three of the of the five category’s except brave on Android. I am not sure what to do sheild is all on except on scripts and I have gone through the settings and am not sure what else to set on or off. I know this could be in the wrong place but new to the whole thing. And didn’t find anything on this issue. I have uploaded picture of brave cause I can only upload one picture right now.

Fingerprinting bypassing brave

So I guess you might wanna have a look at previous threads on the fingerprinting topic :slight_smile:

These threads shall solve your questions I hope :slight_smile:

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