Brave on Android stuck on desktop mode

As written in the title, my app is somehow stuck on desktop mode, meaning that every page I open will be visualized as “desktop page”.

If I disable the option the page will reload in the mobile version but as soon as I open another page, this will be in desktop mode again and I have to manually change the version.

Anyone has any idea on how to go back to the “default” option and/or has this happened to any of you?

I don’t know how the issue could be riproduced since it could be a bug or maybe i changed some option while I was sleeping (I often fall asleep while using my phone at night)

Brave Version: 1.60.110

Mobile Device details: Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, One UI 5.1, Android 13

Same, im on same Brave version and Android version. Im on samsung Galaxy S22.

Noticed this happening on Sunday.

My site settings are set to open

in mobile view

I’m having this problem too. Did anyone figure out a solution? It’s wrecking my head

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