Brave on Android is blocking Google Assistant


Hi. I saw a similar thread about this on Reddit, but on both my old Nexus 6P and my new Google Pixel, it appears that Brave blocks Google Assistant when it’s open. If you have any web page open in Brave, and hold down the home button to trigger Assistant, the GUI momentarily begins to react and then Brave appears to block Assistant from coming up.

Anyone else with this problem?


Hi @kkinder. I tried it and it works as expected to me. Are you able to record a video? Thanks.


Hi @Serg, sorry I didn’t see your reply.

Anyway, yes, it’s still happening for me and as far as I can tell, happens consistently. Here’s a video of the issue:


(sorry for the low quality; I used a webcam to record it)


I’d recommend you to recheck if your assistant and brave are both up to date. Did you try a restart?


Yeah, they’re both up to date and in fact, this has spanned multiple
physical devices for months.


I cannot reproduce that either. I have a Nexus 6P. It works as expected. @kkinder do you have the same with Chrome?

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