Brave often doesn't open as maximized window

I’m using Brave maximized over entire desktop and it often starts as a window slightly smaller than desktop and that’s super annoying as I have to then maximize it manually. It doesn’t do it every time but every 5th time almost for sure. Seeing similar topics on the side, it was happening ages ago and it seems to be repeating again. Can this please be fixed.

Windows 10 1903 (but was also happening on 1809) 64bit
Brave version 0.64.76

Meaning that if you open Brave, maximize it, close it x ~5x – on that last time it’ll be a little smaller than max?

I meant by that it’s not doing it every single time but lets say 1 out of 5 times I start Brave. Yeah, I have it maximized at all times, but sometimes it opens and it’s not maximized.

Can I see a screenshot of how it displays when it’s not maximized but should be?

Here you go. It looks like this… few pixels shrunk from the edges. But it’s still very annoying.

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