Brave Offline mode

So Offline mode is if you dont have internet (obviously),

so its at fucntion you can enable or disable.

How it works

So if you dont have internet you can toggle Offline mode on and what it will do is, every time you search or click on a website, it will download that data or whole website like text html code everything from a server that brave owns that has a connection to you that will send all the websites html code javascript code allll the data from that website and when it has downloaded all that then it will display it as it would with internet. and not just website also when you scroll for at website, like when you search something that also has some html code and all that.
and after you close it it will delete the data so your disc doesnt get filled up

and some options likeā€¦

safe website (if you want to keep you data from the website even after closing the website, it will make it faster clicking on the same website again)

and a toggle on of off function

i am crazy btw