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Loving the browser, and no issues so far. My only concern is the sudden access to Chrome Extensions, and this link here: HTTP LINKS Opening Chrome vs. Brave

Obviously, everyone knows Google is a privacy hole. How can we be confident that Brave has now managed to completely strip the Google privacy holes away?

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Hi @DazzaRPD, we appreciate the concern.

  1. The post you referenced has since been addressed. The issue was related to Windows having a pre-registered protocol handler pointing to Chrome. The user has since solved the problem with a simple reboot :slight_smile:

  2. We understand the concern surrounding privacy and Google. While Brave does leverage the Chromium engine, its important to remember that the framework itself is what we’re after. We strip out all code that would phone home or collect/send any user data to any outside entity. The great thing about open source projects is that you don’t have to believe us based on blind faith alone. All of our code is freely available for anyone to view and audit on our Github. If such a “privacy” hole was present in a Brave build -whether intentionally or accidentally - anyone one of our many contributors would be able to see the code responsible and call it out.

I hope this helps alleviate some concerns. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to create a topic or DM me personally .


Thank’s for the answer. But is it Brave using google password manager or it’s its own?
I noticed that all my logins I used to save on google (now I’m on 1password) are also in brave beta.

Did you sign into your Google account as your browser profile or import any Chrome data when moving over to Brave Beta?

I imported data from brave which imported data from Chrome few months ago.
But I’m clearly signed in with Google accounts as I can see when connecting to Chrome store

Well if you imported Chrome information into Brave (Muon build) and from there, imported that data into Brave Beta, then your information will clearly be carried from Brave (Muon) --> Beta

If you were to install Brave Beta (or any Brave build) fresh (and without importing any settings), you would not see this information carried over. Let me know if this is still unclear.

All clear, just one more explanation please.
Where are all passwords saved? Locally? Google? Brave servers?
In the previous brave version, you could choose your main password manager (I use 1password). Now this option doesn’t r exist anymore and the option is the brave manager.
I really liked brave using 1password automatically in login fields.
Do you forsee to re-add this functionality?

@gacchan you can install 1Password from Chrome Web Store if you want to use it as your password manager. :slightly_smiling_face:

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