Brave now unusable for me on iPhone; Static page elements appear randomly on page, blocking content

Brave suddenly stopped working on the iPhone. Specifically, browsing any page with a static element (e.g. menu) pegged to the top or the bottom of the page causes that element to be positioned in a random area.

Browsing virtually any site in Brave mobile is now nearly impossible.

For reference, here’s a screenshot from Reddit:

…and here’s a screenshot from CNBC:

Notice how main content on page is blocked by elements that are supposed to be anchored to the bottom of the page.

Everything had been working fine for years. This problem manifested about a week ago.

Any fix? I can use Safari in the meantime but I’d prefer not to.

I just checked on my iPhone and I’m not having the same issues. What version of Brave are you using? Which iPhone OS version?

Can you try clearing cookies?

Hi there. Thank you for the response.

Oddly, the problem was resolved after rebooting my iPhone. Force quitting and restarting the app doesn’t work. The entire phone must be restarted to eliminate the errant behavior. Not sure why.

To answer your questions, and just for reference:

  • No cookie issues. Screenshots were taken from a private browsing window.
  • I’m using an iPhone12 Pro Max, software version 15.5
  • Brave version 1.39.1 (

In any case, thanks for the reply. Not sure why rebooting the phone would cause a Brave DOM rendering problem to be corrected but glad it’s fixed.

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