Brave not taking advantage of the Galaxy s8+ screen


I was surprised when i switched to the Galaxy s8+ and downloaded brave browser (my favorite one) and saw The two black bars on the top & bottom of the screen… This really made me consider uninstalling it.

Device: Galaxy s8+
Android version: 7.0
Samsung exprienxe version: 8.1


Strange, lets see if the andoid dev has some info :wink:
cc @serg for information


@Scorpiax7 Which version are you using?? This seems similar to which has been fixed and should be available in the next release. Would you mind checking the screenshot posted on the issue and confirm if its similar?


Well mine is different, the black bars just appears as soon as i open brave


Is the bar retained after the app is opened? Or does it clear once the tab is completely loaded?


It appears as soon as i open the bar… Doesn’t change if i closed tabs or opened new ones :sweat_smile:


Could you confirm if this is on the latest build ?


Yep… Running on the latest stable build of brave

Brave 1.0.21, Chromium 58.0.3029.83


Thanks for the info. I have logged an issue for this. You can track it here

closed #10