Brave not showing proper creator username

-Windows 10

-Created a Twitter which I made a verified channel
-added and got verified on Gemini
-changed username of Twitter
-connected all of my other accounts like Reddit and youtube and still a month later they never showed verification on the brave browser when other people in the community looked at my Reddit youtube etc
-my Twitter said verified but with the wrong old username and it said my wallet wasn’t set up
-proceeded to think there may have been a bug because I changed the name of the first creator account so I deleted it and restarted
-exact same issues exist still on the completely new creator profile I set up even after deleting the entire one before it.
-friend tipped bat and didn’t realize it was my old tipping banner of the account I deleted and it still accepted it and now it’s lost to the void.

I do not mean to bash. I love brave and actually advocate for it all over social media. It is kind of frustrating when people try and tip to me and explain that things don’t look right or it says I’m not verified.

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I’ve experienced the same issue. Twitter is displaying the first name used for the Twitter account not the current name.

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