Brave not responding on Catalina

Unfortunately it did not work for me, left link in Doc but failed to open completely.
Brave was initially installed on Mojave and present after Catalina, then after problems I cleaned with appCleaner. Perhaps this why this recent update will not work. Brave and Brave beta remain in doc with prompt to force quit as they are not responding.
Reports sent to Brave and Apple I believe.
n.b. I did find a default folder in the correct Library under Brave software.

I know that you said earlier that you’ve already un/reinstalled, but I think it may be worth another go. Lets remove all traces of Brave and try a clean install again:

  1. If you want to keep your user data, make a safe copy of the Default folder you found above (as well as any other additional browsing profiles you’d like to keep) because we’ll be deleting this entire directory. Once you have a safe copy, move to the next step.
  2. Make sure no Brave processes are running. Then, remove the icon from the dock.
  3. Visit ~/Library/Applications and trash Brave Browser.
  4. Visit ~/Library/Application Support/ and delete the BraveSoftware here.
  5. Repeat the process for Beta if you want, but it’s not necessary at this time.
    • There should now be basically no traces of Brave (Stable) on your machine.
  6. Go to our official website and download stable again.
  7. After installing – don’t replace the Default folder just yet. See if the browser launches and runs on a clean profile first.

If it does, feel free to replace the profile folder with your safe copy. If it doesn’t…tbh I have no idea at this point. The team expected there to be some issues with Catalina but we are still in the process of sorting everything out.

Let me know what happens

Thanks for your support.
Still does not want to open, leaves link in Doc and software file in Library, requested access to keychain in Brave folder
I will wait and try again at a later date and continue to observe this list.