Brave not responding on Catalina

I know that you said earlier that you’ve already un/reinstalled, but I think it may be worth another go. Lets remove all traces of Brave and try a clean install again:

  1. If you want to keep your user data, make a safe copy of the Default folder you found above (as well as any other additional browsing profiles you’d like to keep) because we’ll be deleting this entire directory. Once you have a safe copy, move to the next step.
  2. Make sure no Brave processes are running. Then, remove the icon from the dock.
  3. Visit ~/Library/Applications and trash Brave Browser.
  4. Visit ~/Library/Application Support/ and delete the BraveSoftware here.
  5. Repeat the process for Beta if you want, but it’s not necessary at this time.
    • There should now be basically no traces of Brave (Stable) on your machine.
  6. Go to our official website and download stable again.
  7. After installing – don’t replace the Default folder just yet. See if the browser launches and runs on a clean profile first.

If it does, feel free to replace the profile folder with your safe copy. If it doesn’t…tbh I have no idea at this point. The team expected there to be some issues with Catalina but we are still in the process of sorting everything out.

Let me know what happens

Thanks for your support.
Still does not want to open, leaves link in Doc and software file in Library, requested access to keychain in Brave folder
I will wait and try again at a later date and continue to observe this list.

The Catalina installer will warn of you apps that will not be compatible before the upgrade process begins!

Some progress made, however, still issues.
I downloaded a new disc image, it launched but had no windows, forced quit as I could not close it, relaunched and this time had a window that appeared correct, entered the Youtube link in the address field and Brave crashed and will no longer load
I pasted the default folder from a previous version but still will not stay open.

This may seem tiresome, but could you confirm that you copied Brave from the new disc image into your Applications folder, and that you were running Brave from the Applications folder? This is important because what’s on the disc image is the actual Brave application, not an installer, and it just doesn’t work right if run from the image (at least in my experience).

The behavior you describe I observe when I try to run Brave from the disc image, which is not the way to do it. When I subsequently open Brave from the Applications folder, it’s fine.

The presence of the “links” you describe means different things depending on where in the Dock the icons are appearing. For example, in the right portion of my Dock there is a “Recent Applications” stack that will show the last 5 or 10 applications run with the most recent being visible in the Dock.
Trying to use the one from the time I ran Brave from the disc image will try to open Brave from the disc image. If the image is ejected in the mean time, then Finder will not be able to locate Brave and that could lead to the message you mentioned about Finder not locating Brave. [Edit: Trying this scenario with a Google Chrome download to try to replicate your subsequent post, my Finder unexpectedly re-mounted the disc image and opened the application. I did not expect/want that and will have to chase down the setting that allows this and turn it OFF.]

It’s often helpful to include screenshots and short videos in GIF formats. For screenshots, Shift-Cmd-3 will do the whole screen and Shift-Cmd-4 will change your pointer to a crosshairs you can use to draw a rectangle of your screen you want captured (a thumbnail of the capture then appears in the lower right of your screen and if you right-click it, you can tell Finder where to store it; by default it goes to Desktop if you don’t click on it). For the videos, LICEcap is a powerful tool. For more on these, check out

I launched Google Chrome and had a similar crashing that I have had with Brave, i.e. after launching I entered an address into the search field and upon pressing to search Chrome crashed.
I relaunched and in Preferences went to disable sync, upon doing so Chrome again crashed.
This is version 77.0.3865.120 official build 64bit

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