Brave not remembering screen positioning


Really enjoying Brave so far. A couple of issues I have found:

  1. If I set Brave to Maximise screen positioning, when I turn my laptop back on the next day, it goes to about a 95% of Maximise.
  2. If Brave was used on screen 2 and I decouple my laptop from its docking station, it does not refocus to the laptop screen so cannot use Brave unless I redock, move it ti laptop screen and undock again.
  3. Bookmark Manager still not working - I am using 0.16.9 on W10 Pro 64 bit


Hi @MurrayB,

  1. Issue logged here
  2. Issue logged here
  3. Can you please provide more info as to what is not working in bookmark manager?


Hi Sriram

WRT to the Bookmarks Manager, I imported all my bookmarks from Chrome. They are all either on the Bookmarks Toolbar or inside a folder on the Bookmarks toolbar. I can see and use the bookmarks, however when I go into the Bookmark Manager, under the Folders Tree on the left, I can only see a folder for Bookmarks Toolbar and Other Bookmarks.

If I click or double click either folder, nothing happens. They don’t expand and they also dont show the bookmarks under the Title part of the screen.

If I click New Folder icon, I can successfully save a new folder wherever I want but again, cannot see it in Bookmark Manager but can see that it has been created wherever I created it.


Hi @MurrayB

This issue has been captured here

As a workaround you can quit the browser(Ctrl+Q) and then relaunch it and open bookmark manager it will show all the bookmarks.

Hope this helps


Hi There

I uninstalled Brave, deleted all its folders from App Data etc and
reinstalled. Seems to be working now

Kind regards

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