Brave not opens. Only flashes and crashes!

Since yesterday suddenly brave flashes only up without any graphics etc. userdata is huge like over 74k files in over 63k folders and almost 900 mb! is this normal?

I even installed windows 11 because did not have a reason yet to do that. I clean every day using ccleaner all stuff out. I deinstalled and installed many times. With admin rights it works and new user without admin works too but not in the user with no admin rights I use forever.

I tried everything! I even now copy all user data from the original brave to brave beta and also not open now. Before it did so something going on within my userdata and no idea why its so gigantic!?

So no idea what to do now. I did wanna keep my extensions etc but looks like I have no other choice to start new losing it all which is not cool at all. Really liked brave browser.

Or someone can help?


Hello @bcsl, thank you for contacting us. Have you updated to the most recent Brave version or deleting cookies and cache? Also, removing your extensions and relaunch the browser.

Hope it helps. Regards.

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