Brave not downloading

downloading taking so much waiting for 50 minutes i don’t see any thing downloading any help?

Are you trying to download the Brave browser itself, or are you downloading something else from within the Brave browser?

i am downloading brave browser not something from browser.
when i run setup to install browser it shows downloading window but bar doesn’t increase.

I actually wanted to reinstall Brave myself, so I’ll see if I can reproduce that.
In the meantime, did you already try to download BraveBrowserSetup.exe from again?

I was able to download the .exe file from our official website and run it without issue. Ensure that you terminate any Chrome/chromium processes running in the background before initiating the installation process.

Additionally, are you using a VPN of any kind on your Windows machine? This may be the cause of the slow download.

Lastly, if both of the above fail, you may want to try downloading the Standalone installer from our Github page:


no not yet should i try to download again will it work ?

I think you are better off with the advice of Mattches :smiley:
In addition to that, your firewall could potentially be a cause for this.

But downloading the Standalone Installer is probably the quickest solution to your problem.

Edit: I just reinstalled Brave without any troubles.

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yes i just downloaded standalone and its working thanks both of you for helping :slight_smile:

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