Brave Not Displaying Web Pages On Android


I have the latest version of Brave from the App Store.

However the browser won’t display any web page on my phone. I can type the address, watch the status bar load, and get nothing but a white screen where the page should be. Brave does not crash during this.

My android info is attached.


Hi, could you also provide info about wich brave version you are using? :wink: Thanks


Version 1.0.23 for android.


Does it work in other browsers and does it matter what shield settings you are using? :slight_smile:


Other browsers work fine.

Shields make no difference.


I could not find any issue for that case and I don´t use Android sadly :sweat_smile: @serg do you know anything?


@Bespoke does Chrome work right?


Yes. Standard Chrome is fine.


@Bespoke it’s interesting problem, I never heard about it. Are you able to attach adb somehow there to get logs?


I’m afraid that you will have to tell me what add is.


I have almost the same problem.

Mlais M52 Red Note.
Android 5.0.0
*Brave 1.0.29; Chromium 60.0.3112.97

  1. Step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue.
    4a. When I open the browser.
    4b. Android complain with the message
    "The application Brave has stopped"
    4c. I clic “Accept” at the message and it appears again, several times.
    4d. The browser don’t close but it didn’t show any of the four tabs I have open.
    4e. I also disable all filter, but I still without showing websites.
    4f. Every thing works fine in other browsers.


Now I know what’s causing the problem:
a. Move Brave to SD using AppMgr III by Sam Lu.
B. When trying to run Brave androids complain w/ Brave has stopped working.


Brave is not able to move to an SD even with that app.

Even after multiple updates Brave won’t work on Android for me.


We do not allow Brave to be put on the SD. The full explanation why can be found here:

So, from the above - for example, we use Services for different things like CustomTab provider.

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