Brave not displaying until device rotated


Device HUDL tablet
Android 4.2.2
Brave is 1.0.42

Things are not displaying when selected until the device is rotated through 90° : eg once all the tabs are closed, the menu (3 dots) shows nothing, and there is no + to open a new tab. Rotating the device through 90° displays the + and the menu works. Also, when ‘History’ is selected, nothing is displayed until the device is rotated through 90° (either from landscape to portrait or vica versa), it then displays correctly, even if rotated back to the original orientation. This also occasionally happens when a site is loading - again it will not display until the device is rotated through 90°. This issue started in a recent release of Brave, not sure which as I haven’t downloaded every update, but issue present in v1.0.41, and not in v1.0.31.

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