Brave not blocking video-ads by Wooga

BraveShields or AdBlock (not sure which) used to block all video ads on this game site (June’s Journey by Wooga) - now they seem to have embedded a video ad that I am forced to watch, even though all I see is a blank white rectangle!
It now happens every time a game “discount” is requested by the player and they make you “pay” by watching ads.
Can you or someone at Brave work on this and fix it? It’s just annoying.
Thank you.
Screenshot with ‘inspect this’ uploaded.
Expected result:
No ad-video, or “ad-error, get your discount anyway!”)
Brave Version:
Version 1.18.77 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Additional Information:


Trying to test this. I got to this page. No video ad so far.

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Thank you for Replying!
Many features in this game allow you to either “play with discount” or “renew tasks NOW (no waiting)” - IF you watch a video ad, which Brave was blocking fine (triggering the game’s “Ad error. Have prize anyway”), up to recently, where no error that can be cleared pops up, a blank square pops up instead, and STAYS there for the duration of the “alleged” video ad.
Try to play with a discount of 5 energies - not sure if the feature is available at early Levels.
Expected Result:
I hope you will get back to further testing, thank you!

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