Brave Not Blocking Finger Printing


When I go to via iOS the tracking is blocked.

However when doing so on windows 10 the blocking fails.

Even after clearing browser data and running CCleaner the site still knows it’s “me”.

What’s up?


Hi @Bespoke

Can you double check for me that when you click on the Bravery icon (lion in the upper right corner of your browser) that Fingerprinting Protection is on as in the screenshot below?



Yes it’s on. I keep it on 24/7.


Thanks @Bespoke

Did you clear all data in this window and then restart as prompted:
53 AM


Hi, thanks for the information. I forwarded the issue to the dev team here:



Yes. I cleared everything. The lion shield says that it blocked the fingerprinting method.

Site still knows “me” until I request it to forget.




FYI it seems that the script called client.js does the trick here. It’s been definitely out of our radar. Thanks for informing us about that :slight_smile: