Brave No More Secure. Doesn't Block amazon ads

Description of the issue:

Doesn’t Block amazon Ads & Social Trackers by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Block Them.

Expected result:

This should show 100% but its is showing 90% only.

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Mobile Device details



Android 10

Can you update your browser. I’m seeing 100% for the link you have given.

Yes, aware of this. But decided not to support this benchmark any further. Since it’ll break too much if we blocked 100%. The benchmark is not representative of actual real world blocking

Desktop/Android is 90% currently, will stay that way (may change if the dev adds more unnecessary checks)

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No it isn’t brother. Both android and windows showing 90%

Yes. My desktop is showing 90%
Android is showing 100%

Not sure how to improve desktop. @Mattches can you please check why this difference and what should we improve on desktop?

In Brave Shields, if adblocking and tracking protection is set to AGGRESSIVE MODE then it will show 100%

No bro It is increased to 93% now but still it doesnt block amazon ads. I have reinstalled the browsers in both laptop and mobile still same results.

In my case it is blocking. If in your case it isn’t then try using additional filters and add it to Brave in both Android and Windows by going to brave://adblock

Regardless of the fluctuation, the reason it is not always 100% is for the reason @fanboynz stated above:

I have Firefox w/ UBlock + AdGuard Annoyance filters also block 91% in the site same like Brave w/ Aggressive mode, 91% blocked in PC and mobile(Specifically, 90% for mobile). I guess nothing wrong with Brave ad-blocker

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