Brave no longer working with NordPass

NordPass extension displays error message when trying to autofill username and password. Error message is “unexpected application error, can’t handle ITEM/URL_SEARCH type message” at “m (chrome extension://foooolgh11nmhmmndgjie”

Error not present prior to 11/9/23
Tried reboot, removal and reinstallation of chrome and NordPass
Caused me to move all activity to Chrome, hopefully temporarily.

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@RexTreesRed if you haven’t already, make sure you’ve reported this to NordPass. In most cases of extensions breaking, it’s the developer of the extension that makes changes.

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I am having this issue with Edge too, I moved over to Brave to get away from it… sad it followed

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Same with me. On Windows and Mac.

The problem is with the Nordpass program. Download the latest version should fix the problem.

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Updating the software resolved the problem in my case. Highly recommend

Problem solved. Problem was with old NordPass version. Update fixed it. Thought I had the latest version but I did not.

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