Brave no longer supports Pocket

Received a notice from Pocket on 3/5/22 that I must switch from Brave to Firefox to support Pocket. Why does Brave no longer support Pocket? Is there a similar app that Brave does support?

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Just curious, have you looked in the official app store for whatever device you are using?

This is from an old post but probably still applies for desktops. That was 4 years ago so may be more options available.

Thanks for responding! I’m using MacOS Big Sure 11.6.2. I’ve been using Pocket and installed it on Brave several years ago. Even though I pay for the upgraded version of Pocket that supposedly gives you a better Search function, my Search function is not working properly. When I brought that to Pocket’s attention, they said they were working on “a fix,” but then I received a message from them saying as of June 2022, Pocket would only be compatible with Firefox. They gave me the option of switching to Firefox now or wait, and I chose to wait until I could find out more about why Brave would no longer support it.

Well, it appears to me that Pocket is no longer supporting any browser but Firefox. So, no matter what other browser you choose, you will not be able to use Pocket or get Pocket support. You might want to clarify that with Pocket. If that is the case, then Pocket will not work with Chrome either so, I don’t think this is a Brave issue.

Yes, my purpose in writing was to find out what type of similar “Pocket” apps Brave users are having success with so I can choose another. If you have any ideas, let me know. Thanks!

Ah, OK. :smile:

I can’t help unfortunately. :frowning: I don’t use Mac and I don’t use Pocket. Hopefully a Mac user will jump in with some input! Guess you could slog through everything out there and compare reviews, ugh. I hope you find an alternative. Good luck! :smiley:

I don’t have a problem with Pocket on Brave or any other browser. For alternatives I also use Instpaper and

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Thanks for your response! I have no problem with Pocket saving my articles on Brave, but the Search function does not work - and I paid for the upgraded version of Pocket after I saw their ad that with the upgrade the Search function is greatly improved. When I contacted the Pocket people, they said they were aware of the Search problem and were trying a “fix,” but eventually I received a message stating Brave would no longer support Pocket as of June 22, 2022, and only Firefox would be able to support it after that date. The Search function is really important to me, and I don’t want to leave Brave, so, perhaps I’ll ty the alternatives you suggest. I appreciate your help!

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