Brave nightly v 72.91 takes up too much RAM in linux (can any one confirm in windows?)

On the same machine Brave nightly (latest as of Oct 11, v 72.91) is unusable. Takes too much RAM. But Dev is running smoothly.

Note to developer team.

Antix Linux OS

Weird. My Nightly installs on macOS and Windows 10 are quite usable and are using looks like a little over 1GB RAM on macOS 10.14.6 (190MB for windowed process plus the helpers and such, Nightly 0.72.90 updated today 10/11/2019) with three tabs open and 7 extensions installed, and something like 700MB on Win10 1903 (Nightly 0.72.83 - I’d better update) with similar load. I fired up Release in VMs of Solus4 Budgie (around 800MB no extensions 3 tabs 0.68.138) and Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon (around 700MB no extensions 3 tabs 0.68.132) .

I’ve had the Mac Nightly running all day with some heavy sites, so there may be baggage making it take more memory, but my KungFu in memory usage is weak.

Are these numbers anything like yours? Despite the sizes, each instance of Brave is quite responsive and usable on my machines, virtual and physical.

Windows 10 1903. Suddenly brave nightly starting using about 5gb of ram and 50 cpu usage on bothmy amd k8 cpu and Intel 9600 unresponsive and hanging alot. Regular version doesn’t have this issue.

Not only is the nightly unusable, it makes my old 2010 macbook pro running macos 10.13.6 thrash itself to death.

Are posters with trouble running extensions?
I’m running DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, Extensions Manager, Reader View, LastPass, Picture-in-Picture, and Dark Night Mode still without the kind of RAM/CPU usage you’re describing.

As a follow-up, 0.72.90 also no more than 1GBRAM and not much CPU with 4 tabs open on Win10 1903, 4th-gen i7, 12GBRAM.

Updated to 0.72.102, check Brave Task Manager, see a bit less RAM usage (~700MB) with same 4 tabs open.

Dark reader; nordvpn (not on); tab at end; reddit enhancement suite; maybe others. Can’t say, as I can’t open brave nightly long enough to find out, given the memory leak.

Whilst we’re on the topic, where is the repository of nightly builds? I’d like to see exactly what I’m downloading, and if it’s been updated. Atm, I’m downloading and hoping the size difference is sufficiently large to indicate a new build. Furthermore, the downloads don’t mark the version number.

This might do it:

Mine is updated to v 73.12 and no issue with this. May be it is just a one off issue with that specific release.