Brave Nightly Rewards Page Bug

There is a bug with recent releases of the Brave Nightly Browser. I update daily. The rewards page is showing up as a blank screen… This is not happening on beta or standard brave.

weird… now on my android 12 tablet… beta is showing a blank screen for rewards and nightly is showing the rewards page… it is the opposite of my android phone?

Hi @tonymend1980 thanks for posting.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using on your mobile device and tablet? ( Menu --> About Brave )

here is a shot of both of them…

tablet → beta is blank
phone → nightly is blank

Thank you @tonymend1980

We will inquire further with our team to investigate further what might be happening here.

just to add to this… noticed the summary button does nothing when pressed… this is the case for both. @SaltyBanana

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