Brave Nightly rewards auto-contributing BAT even tho auto-contribute is toggled off

Hi all,

My auto-contribute is toggled off yet Brave Nightly seems to keep auto-contributing to websites. See image below. This has happened the last two months as I’ve received BAT.

Current Nightly version: 1.12.25
Mac OS

Hi @leekocytes - thanks for reporting! Can you DM me your Rewards Internals? I can take a look.

Hi. I have the same issue and e-mailed to for the 4th time already but haven’t get any response. Please advise and kindly help to assist.

Thank you.

I also emailed support and have not received a response about this same issue.

Just replied to your DM.

Does this get resolved? I’ve been getting the same issue and already talk to support and still haven’t heard any update

Feels like getting abandoned