Brave Nightly rewards auto-contributing BAT even tho auto-contribute is toggled off

Hi all,

My auto-contribute is toggled off yet Brave Nightly seems to keep auto-contributing to websites. See image below. This has happened the last two months as I’ve received BAT.

Current Nightly version: 1.12.25
Mac OS

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Hi @leekocytes - thanks for reporting! Can you DM me your Rewards Internals? I can take a look.

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Hi. I have the same issue and e-mailed to for the 4th time already but haven’t get any response. Please advise and kindly help to assist.

Thank you.

I also emailed support and have not received a response about this same issue.

Just replied to your DM.

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Does this get resolved? I’ve been getting the same issue and already talk to support and still haven’t heard any update

Feels like getting abandoned