Brave nightly reward problem

I submitted the same problem to the form, we talked yesterday about it.

Last time I wrote here, they didn’t respond. It’s been more than 2 weeks. Brave nightly app doesn’t show ads. The problem is here and it’s definitely not just me.


Don’t waste time, I did it trying all possible methods, no way. Too much permissions denied, Helium doesn’t allow it, promt cmd gives manifest error and you can’t use rooting. I just have to wait for a proper update, doesn’t make sense a fresh installl with 40 bat in balace.

I also did not recieve rewards. Over 40 BAT total. No issues with the other version, just Nightly. Rewards said they were being paid out, 7 days later, nothing and the browsers dont pay for ads anymore either.

Pretty sure we got GOT. SCAMMED. BAMBOOZLED. JIMMIED. Theres a reason Brave is based in the Cayman Islands, where noone can touch them legally.

That’s not true. A lot of what you said is completely false, but this one is easily proven.

They are based in California.

Brave San Francisco

580 Howard St. Unit 402,
San Francisco, CA 94105

Now, if you’re sincere about having issues with prior payment, you would be advised to create an official Support Ticket by completing the form at so Brave can investigate and try to resolve it.