Brave Nightly on mobile my reward page is blank!

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Description of the issue:
So on my phone when i go to the rewards option my screen gets white without showing me anything , also i tried to verify my account so i can take out my BATs from the account and when i pressed the BAT symbol on top right, and after on the “unverified” to verify my account the screen goes again white without showing me anything at all!
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Options > Brave rewards > and screen goes white
  2. BAT symbol > Unverified > and screen goes white

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave - Nightly 1.40.56 Chromium
Mobile Device details
Mi Note 10 Lite

MIUI version : MIUI Global 13.0.1 Stable

Android Verson : 12 SKQ1.210908.001

Additional Information:

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I’m Using this same phone which has the same android version and same miui virsion and in my device it perfectly fine

Clear cache of brave nighty then try

For reference I have attached ss

Thanks for the suggestion, i did cleared the cache and after that didnt worked deleted all data my phone had tho sadly nothing changed the problem

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Which phone do you have I have poco x3 pro and same miui and android version and it’s working perfectly fine

Can you please reboot device then give us update what happened


@Impoiler Excuse me for jumping in, don’t want to step on any toes… :slightly_smiling_face:

This was an issue in the past and regression(s) have occurred. Posted a related Brave GitHub report below as an example. There are others.

[Android] brave://rewards settings page is blank

@waynay You should probably edit your topic title and move your post to Pre-Release Builds/Nightly Builds. Your topic will more likely be seen by the team monitoring Nightly feedback and bugs if you move it there. If this is another regression and not just some weird glitch with your particular installation, this will give them a heads up. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mi Note 10 Lite is my device, did the reboot nothing changed, also i have another question i tried to connect my other browser that works properly with my gemini account and it said that my region doesnt support it do we know whitch countries can connect their accounts from android?

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Hi @Chocoholic if this is a reported issue then how work perfectly in my device even my device is same as @waynay

I don’t know what’s happening but let’s wait team will work on it and give us an update


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I haven’t a clue! lol It wasn’t occurring with all users when it was happening before either. If I had a clue about programming and could read the code, I might could understand why it happens to some and not others and what they are doing to try to fix! No idea why it only happens to some and not others. Sorry.

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Hm let’s see what will happen


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waynay created a new report, using the Pre-Release, Nightly Builds categories as you suggested:

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@289wk lol OK. I meant for him to just edit this topic and change the category… guess I wasn’t clear. ooops.

@waynay You should post a reply to this topic, indicate it is a duplicate, and mark your post as the solution. Sorry for the confusion. :slightly_smiling_face:

Still unable to claim rewards March and April. Getting error message when tried to claim.

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