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This is a new feature that will be in the next release.

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so that means on brave stable version also ads will be stopped after next update? India Has many ads campaign . Why would brave stop ads in india.

Ads have not been stopped. They are capped for users. You have exceeded your caps. Unlike before you may only see a NTP-SI once per day depending on the advertiser etc.


What are the current restrictions on a user residing in the US?
Or is it only for new users?
What’s the point then to limit the display of ads to 5 or 10 pieces per hour if now an automatic limit is set even on a sponsored image 1 per day.

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you are right. Whats use of using brave rewards then

Then what’s the use of using brave rewards.

giving option of 10 ads per hour and and showing 1 per day…? what does that mean to users?

Up to 10 ads per hour are for push notification ads. As above ads vary by region and change regularly.

I am not getting push notification ads too. No ads are shown to me after i updated. Please resolve this issue . If ads are not shown after enabling ads then whats the use of enabling ads?

Sorry, jumping in. I would think the NTP ads/day cap would depend on the number of ad campaigns available and the caps set by both the ad campaign and Brave. You may be getting a 1 ad cap/day now because there are not a huge amount of ad campaigns available for your region or for which you are eligible to receive.

I’m thinking if the available ad campaigns increase, so would the number of NTP ads/day. I didn’t see from reading the posts that there is a 1 ad/day cap. I actually didn’t see any number indicated for the cap… maybe I misunderstood?

I’m dreaming of Brave having thousands (lol) of ad campaigns per region available and enough NTP ads displaying I never see my background image! :wink:

I am getting push notifications ads in Nightly and have since a fix was pushed (can’t remember which version). I am using win10. Have you tried troubleshooting?

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How to troubleshoot? i got push ads only one day now i am not getting after 6th july update.

getting 1 ad per day is worthless.

To submit your logs to us so we can investigate, please follow these instructions :

  1. Enable Enable Brave Rewards Verbose logging inside of brave://flags. (Relaunch if prompted)
  2. (If Verbose Logging was already on, please restart your browser)
  3. Go to brave://rewards-internals and click on Logs
  4. Now use the browser, ideally for ~30 minutes, as you normally would.
  5. Return to the logs page and hit the Refresh Button
  6. Download your logs.
  7. Fill out the form on this page and submit the logs → (note that we’re only interested in your Rewards logs — you do not need to provide the Rewards DB information).
  8. Include the case number you are given once you are done submitting your logs.

case number= 221452c6-07da-466a-aeec-611eb534fa32

wow, that was a fast 30 mins… wait… Sorry! Didn’t mean any harm just tickled me how fast that was posted. :smiley:

If that is an old case number, you need to restart your browser per step #2, then continue following steps 3 on, including #4 (Now use the browser, ideally for ~30 minutes, as you normally would). Depending on when created, there have probably been updates (including backend updates) that have been implemented since then. The information in those logs is probably stale.

Or maybe you ran that one recently (like today) per instructions and it was already available?

30 mins of logs helps a lot more, however yes you have hit your caps for the day. Please continue to use the browser and as more inventory is added for IN, more ads will be served to you. Thanks

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I downloaded logs now at the time of uploading. Then about 30 minutes. I am using this browsers from past 2 3 hours now. And i have turned or verbose logging week ago. So yes i am fast. I provided the logs which i was asked to submit. I am not a fool to not understand what brave asks me to. Thank you.

Ok. But i received only one ad today

See my comments above as this can happen.

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