Brave Nightly has Become too Much Burden

This is a comment not a question. Expect to come back shortly and convert this comment into a question but for now I just did parking some thoughts while they’re fresh in mind. Combination of problems is developed on Brave Browser nightly edition on my android and on Mac computer I have. One of the issues is the same on both computers. The problem is the same is I’m getting an increasing number of pages that say I snap can’t I don’t work. I don’t remember the exact quote but if you’ve seen these pages you know what I’m talking about yes I’ve rebooted my system. Yes I reinstalled Brave Browser on my desktop it make sure it’s up-to-date on my android. I’ve turned the android off after clearing all the site settings. I had a problem like this before and I did some sort of flush I don’t know if I’m off of something I did or an update that came through when we’re another just all the problems disappeared one day it was about three months I can’t use Brave Browser in my phone at all because it fails is off is not fails so I guess the question I do have is what is the exact procedure for clearing the whatever clearly has to be done on the phone to fix it if that is something I can do that would fix it for all I know it was nothing I did it fixed it last time but I was surprised that I couldn’t find clear cut concrete instructions for how to clear up a problem like that all I could get was people secret remedies.

Please don’t be done out of shape we’re concerned that this post does not pose a pose a clear cut sharply pointed question. There’s no unusual combination of issues happening all at once with Brave Browser Nightly I’ll break them down later but right now I just wanted to record that it’s an overall massive problems that are forcing me off of the product just disappointing because I like it and I like not using Google I hate Google I don’t like Firefox either and I used to like break browser but if not more because at least not the nightly did she maybe the regular edition is OK it’s gonna hope for the hate using technology companies at work with the government to censor speech that’s criminal gets worse the criminal is destructive of our nation so I don’t wanna do business with any company that’s doing that

You do know if you want one without many issues, you should be using Brave Release, right?

Nightly is our testing and development version of Brave. The releases are updated every night and may contain bugs that can result in data loss. Nightly automatically sends us crash reports when things go wrong.

Usually it’s come out with little to no issues, but it’s going to have bugs and problems. Beta is slightly better and then normal Brave (Release) is what should have made through testing on both versions and then reached everyone.

Any feedback you have to offer on issues you’re experiencing with Brave Nightly is beneficial, I just want to make sure you’re aware of your situation.

Also, definitely will be awesome when/if you can share more specifics on the problems you’re having. This will give opportunity for people who know a lot to be able to help you troubleshoot and resolve issues. It also will allow Brave to take a deeper look if it’s a bug that should be handled before making it to Release.

In the meanwhile, not sure if you shouldn’t look at getting the normal version on your device(s) or if you’re going to prefer to keep using Nightly?

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