Brave Nightly Followup

This post is a followup to a close post at this link.

Explanation in brief: Brave nightly was giving me the “Aww Snap, I am broken” page way too much, I was going to have to stop using Brave nightly.

Updates and responses:

  1. The problem has gone away, Brave nightly has resumed operating at the level of stablity I have seen since I first installed it a few years ago.
  2. If any kind of persistent problem develops in the course of using Brave Nightly, I will do what I can to capture details and work with anyone interested in troubleshooting the problem.

To @Saoiray. I respect what you have in your profile about being no one special. Thank you for maintaining such a great attitude. I have never encountered anyone operating at your standards for courtesy, expertise, focused support.

I have started wondering if you are the mastermind behind Brave